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What is a deed poll?

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A Deed of Change of Name, more commonly known simply as a deed poll, is a legal document which has been specifically drawn up for the purpose of allowing an individual to legally change their name. Deed polls have been in use within the United Kingdom for over one hundred and fifty years and during that time hundreds of thousands of people have used the process. In 2011 alone a record-breaking 70,000 people changed their name by deed poll.

Why do I need a deed poll?

Although there is no specific law relating to changing your name in the UK, and technically you are free to use any name you wish without going through any formal process, in order to get most documents and records updated you must provide documentary evidence that your name has changed.

Executing a deed poll provides you are declaring that-

  1. you abandon your old name,
  2. you will use your new name exclusively, and
  3. you require everyone to call you by your new name

A deed poll provides the documentary evidence of your change of name required to get your passport, driving license, credit and debit cards, store cards, national insurance and tax information, employment records and most other documents updated.

Which information will appear on the deed poll?

The deed poll documents we issue contain the following information:

  1. your old name,
  2. your new name,
  3. your home address,
  4. your date of birth, and
  5. details of your chosen witness (name, address and occupation)
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