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Is there an official deed poll service?

Our advisors are asked "Who is the official deed poll service?" or "Is this the official deed poll service?" on a daily basis. There is a common and somewhat understandable misconception that deed polls are issued by an official government department or agency and there are a number of shady websites that try to mislead or trick their visitors into thinking that they are indeed the official service.

The truth is that there is no such thing as an official or government-approved deed poll service. Every website offering deed polls is owned by a private company or individual with absolutely no affiliation with or endorsement from the UK government so don't be tricked into paying an unnecessarily high price for your deed poll.

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Why isn't there an official issuer?

In order to understand why there is no official issuer of deed polls in the United Kingdom you need to understand exactly what a deed poll is: You will often hear people referring to a deed poll as a "certificate" - this is wrong! A deed poll is simply a specific type of legal document, a contract of sorts, and as such they can be prepared by a solicitor or specialist legal service company.

Does that mean that my deed poll may not be accepted as evidence of my name change by everyone?

Absolutely not! Deed poll documents issued by us are guaranteed to be accepted by all organisations based in the United Kingdom and you can therefore be assured that everyone will accept it as evidence of your name change. If for some reason your deed poll is refused by any organisation we will give you a full refund.

It is worth noting that in over fourteen years of issuing deed polls, amounting to tens of thousands of documents, we have never had to refund someone under our guarantee.

Further reading

The Advertising Standards Authority recently upheld two complaints (complaint one and complaint two) against UK Deed Poll Service, one of our competitors, for using the term "official website" on their website, thereby misleading visitors into thinking that they were offering an official government service which is a breach of rules 3.1 and 3.3 of the CAP Code.

Although the Advertising Standards Authority ruled against UK Deed Poll Service and ordered that they may not use the word "official" on their website or in their advertising material, the company continues to do so.

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