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How long does the name change process take?

The act of changing your name (signing your deed poll in the presence of a witness) can be completed in just a few days. In fact, the majority of our clients receive their deed poll, ready to sign, less than 24 hours after submitting their application.

However, you must then notify all of the government departments, private companies and other organisations which hold your personal information and this typically takes around two to three weeks to complete.

We process and dispatch all applications received before 3pm on a working day (Monday-Friday) on the same day. Applications received after 3pm on a working day or over the weekend will be processed on the next working day.

Need to speed things up?

If you are in a hurry to fully complete your change of name (sign the deed poll and inform everyone) we recommend that you select our Special Delivery option in addition to requesting a generous number of copies of your deed poll.

Requesting Special Delivery of your deed poll means that it is guaranteed to be delivered to you by 1pm the next working day and having lots of copies of your deed poll will enable to you to notify many organisations of your name change simultaneously rather than having to wait for your deed to be returned to you before being able to send it out to the next organisation.

How many copies should I order?

This depends on two things:

  1. how many organisations you need to inform, and
  2. how quickly you want to complete your name change

To give you a general indicator, the average number of copies requested between January and July of this year was three. However, if you need to notify everyone of your name change quickly or you have an unusually large number of organisations to inform, we recommend that you request five or more copies of your deed poll.

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