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Changing your name after entering into a civil partnership

Upon entering into a civil partnership you have a number of options available to you, including:

  • Both partners can continue to use their respective surnames
  • One partner can adopt the other's surname
  • Both partners can double-barrel their surnames
  • Both partners can adopt a completely new surname

Both partners continue to use their respective surname

There is absolutely no legal requirement that either partner change their name after entering into a civil partnership. If both partners are in agreement that they should keep their own surname you do not need to inform anyone. Simply continue as you are.

One partner adopts the other's surname

If one partner wishes to adopt the surname of the other you do not need a deed poll. The civil partnership document can be used as evidence of your name change and should be presented to everyone that holds your personal information so that they can update their records.

Both partners double-barrel their surnames

If you want to share a surname but neither partner wants to totally give up their family name, you have the option to double-barrel both surnames. For example, if John SMITH and Anthony WAKEFIELD enter into a civil partnership and decide to double-barrel their surnames they would become John and Anthony WAKEFIELD-SMITH.

If you wish to double-barrel your surnames you will both have to execute a deed poll and use it as evidence to get all of your documents and records updated.

Note: You do not necessarily have to join the two surnames with a hyphen (-). Using the example above you could instead adopt the surname WAKEFIELD SMITH.

Both partners adopt a completely new name

Partners who are not keen on having a double-barrelled surname have the option of adopting a completely new surname. This will usually be made up of the two existing surnames (John SMITH and Anthony WAKEFIELD become John and Anthony SMITHEIFLD) but equally it could be completely unrelated.

If you wish to change your name in this matter both partners must execute a deed poll.

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