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If you want to change your or your child's name you have come to the right place. UK Deed Poll Office is a leading issuer of government accepted deed poll documents and over the last thirteen years we've helped thousands of people to legally change their name, so you are in good hands.

What is a deed poll?

A deed poll is a legal document which enables you to officially change any part of your (or your child's) name: you can add a new name, remove an existing name, change the spelling of your names or even adopt a completely new name altogether, the choice is entirely yours.

Using a deed poll issued by us you will be able to get all documents and records, including your passport, driving license and bank account, updated to show your new name.

How does it work?

In short a deed poll is a legal document which can be used by anyone living in the UK who wants to change their name. It is a very simple three step process:

Step 1: Apply for your deed poll

You can apply for your deed poll online using our secure service or you can apply over the phone by calling 0207 043 4161.

Step 2: Receive your documents and sign them

You will receive your deed poll documents by post, within three working days depending on the delivery method you choose, and then you need to sign and date the documents in the presence of an independent witness. If you are changing a child's name the deed poll must be signed on their behalf by someone with parental responsibility (usually the mother or father).

Step 3: Notify everyone of your new name

As soon as you have executed your deed poll (signed and dated it in the presence of a witness) your name has legally changed. You then need to notify all of the companies, organisations and government departments which hold your personal information by presenting the deed poll to them either in person or by post.

Legally change your name today!

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